And now it's ME time

My name is Anyssa Gates, and I am a graphic designer. I have studied at Assiniboine Community College for the past two years taking Interactive Media Arts. During that time I have learnt about the skills I need to be a successful graphic designer. I look forward to my future career in the design industry.

Adobe Illustrator FullDot FullDot HalfDot
Adobe Photoshop FullDot EmptyDot EmptyDot
Adobe InDesign FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
Adobe XD FullDot FullDot EmptyDot
Adobe Premier Pro FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
Adobe After Effects FullDot FullDot EmptyDot
Maya FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
Unity FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
HTML FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
CSS FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
PHP / Javascript FullDot HalfDot EmptyDot
Graphic Designer FullDot FullDot HalfDot
Web Design FullDot FullDot EmptyDot
3D & Motion Graphics FullDot FullDot EmptyDot
Branding FullDot FullDot HalfDot
Organization FullDot FullDot EmptyDot

Assiniboine Community College
Interactive Media Arts
Treherne Collegiate

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