Sapphire Skies
A Romantic Getaway
Project Description
I made this piece for my independent study which consisted of branding for a fictional business. I first started my logo by making thumbnails to bring into Illustrator to vectorize. After some feedback changes were made in order for my final logo to be as fun and creative as it is. Along with making a logo I made a poster and developed my InDesign skills by making a brochure and business cards.

Overall, I wanted the logo to be colourful and fun to attract attention and I believe I reached my goal. I've also learnt a lot from this project during the creation and completion. I found that seeing the logo on mockups and real world surfaces can give you a different perpective on the overall feel of the logo, rather than just seeing it on screen. In conclusion I had a lot of fun making this logo and hope that it takes viewers on a whimsical journey!
Project Details
Sapphire Skies Brochure Sapphire Skies Business Card Sapphire Skies Poster